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Information on the NAIF application and approval process is available here.

NAIF Pipeline as at March 2018

As at March 2018 NAIF has received 205 enquiries across a range of sectors.


90 of these enquiries are currently active and are across all three jurisdictions.

– Queensland 57%
– Northern Territory 13%
– Western Australia 29%
– Cross Jurisdictional 1%


Pipeline Due Diligence and Execution phases

A total of 16 projects are currently in  NAIF’s due diligence and execution phases. Information about the due diligence process is available here.


Onslow Marine Support Base Investment Decision

The NAIF Board has made its first Investment Decision regarding the Onslow Marine Support Base Project in Western Australia, indicating to the Deputy Prime Minister it proposes to offer financial assistance of around $16.8m for a multi-user infrastructure port and marine supply.