Current Pipeline

NAIF Pipeline as at 11 July 2019

Current Pipeline

NAIF is delivering on its vision to transform Northern Australia through financing infrastructure development.

As at 11 July 2019, the total value of NAIF loan commitments currently forecast is $1.4 billion. 

*Loan values are based on currently available information. As projects develop and commercial arrangements are finalised there is potential that loan values may change.  

Active Enquiries

As at 28 June 2019 there were 86 active enquiries in the NAIF pipeline.

  • Queensland 44%
  • Western Australia 43%
  • Northern Territory 11%
  • Cross Jurisdictional 2%

Projects in Due Diligence 

As at 28 June 2019 there were 29 projects in the due diligence phase of NAIF’s assessment process.

Investment Decisions 

Information on NAIF Investment Decisions notifications is available here.