Types of Infrastructure NAIF can support


Projects must incorporate construction or enhancement of physical structures, assets (including moveable assets) or facilities which underpin or are associated with:

  • the transport or flow of people, goods, services or information,
  • the establishment or enhancement of business activity in a region,
  • an increase in economic activity in a region, including efficiency in developing or connecting markets, or
  • an increase in population.

The Project must bring new capacity online either through the construction of new infrastructure or by materially enhancing existing infrastructure.  The refinancing of existing debt that does not involve the creation of new capacity is ineligible.

Examples of the type of Projects that may be eligible include, but are not limited to, ports, airports, rail, roads, water, energy and communications networks, social infrastructure (including health facilities, education facilities, research facilities, training and related accommodation facilities), processing facilities (including abbatoirs and agricultural processing plants) and transhipment vessels.

The right infrastructure will be a fundamental driver of economic change, liveability and amenity in the north.  It can stimulate productivity and economic growth, encourage investment, increase accessibility to markets especially for remote areas, and help attract and retain workers.