Airport Projects

Airport Projects

Investment challenge:

  • May incur significant upfront costs before associated project revenues are earned
  • Without NAIF assistance investment decisions maybe deferred or opportunities underdeveloped

NAIF’s value:

  • NAIF can accelerate growth by bringing forward investment decisions
  • NAIF can support building to greater scope or scale than required at the time of construction saving on future escalation costs
  • NAIF can take a long term view of a project’s economic life and provide longer tenor debt (currently 30 years) compared to commercial financiers who typically only invest for 5-7 years
  • Allows investors to focus in the short term on their development requirements and have their loan repayments and debt servicing costs based on longer term outlook when revenues have ramped up

Public benefit:

  • Enhanced freight facilities (chillers improving ability to air freight agricultural products)
  • Improving storage capacity for produce in transit
  • Better utilization of runways to service increased passenger numbers
  • Supports agriculture, tourism and service sector