Investment challenge:

  • Commercial financiers typically fund against contracted revenue streams which may create funding gaps that can limit the ability of worthwhile projects to raise sufficient debt and/or equity finance to allow them to be developed due to issues relating to an extended revenue ramp up period in the initial year

NAIF’s value:

  • NAIF can take a long term view of a projects economic life and the public benefit generated to provide extended interest only period and long tenor debt to supplement commercial financiers who are typically limited to shorter repayments
  • NAIF projects must demonstrate public benefit for northern Australia, but do not have to be entirely located there
  • NAIF is able to support enhancements of existing projects which could bring benefit to those living and working in the north

Public benefit:

  • Poor telecommunications is inhibiting business, tourism and liveability in northern Australia
  • Communication upgrades can improve work and living to attracts investors, workers, families and communities to northern Australia and make an area more attractive for business hubs and attraction of tourist events
  • Improved connectedness to online services can improve quality of life, health and education allow individuals to work from remote locations