Genex Power: Kidston Stage 2 – Indicative Term Sheet

Genex Power: Kidston Stage 2 – Indicative Term Sheet

250MW pumped storage hydro project and the integrated solar project of up to 270MW Kidston. Near Georgetown, Qld

NAIF loan Total project value
Up to $516m Confidential
Other lenders Security ranking/tenor
TBA Subordinate / 28 years

Indigenous engagement

  • Actively seeking to maximise job opportunities for the local Ewamian people
  • The project will provide funding for a local Indigenous owned tourist facility

The NAIF indicative term sheet was issued to assist Genex to advance its discussions with other project counterparties and prove up the project fundamentals.

This project is considered to be important for the transition of the market to lower emission renewable energy sources which will transform northern Australia energy markets.

Public Benefit

  • To be determined following independent cost/benefit analysis
  • Storage capacity and ‘dispatchability’ of energy to enhance network reliability