Onslow Marine Support Base Pty Ltd

Investment Decision September 2017

Onslow Marine Support Base Pty Ltd

Marine supply facility including wharf and harbour expansion. Onslow, WA

NAIF loan Total project value
Up to $16.8m $120m (over 3 stages)


Marine supply base facility, including wharf, training wall upgrade and inner / harbour channel expansion (capital construction of channel and turning basin).

NAIF’s Value

Unlocked economic potential of the whole project by overcoming current depth limitations on the range of vessel serviceability.

All vessels supporting the operations of the offshore oil and gas industry in the region will now be able to access the new base, providing great efficiencies.

NAIF financing was integral to immediate delivery of the full project scope (accelerated by 3-5 years).

Private sector partner

NAIF used its risk appetite to complement private lender National Australia Bank.

Public waterway works financed by NAIF (without requiring security which was not available given non-exclusive use of channel).

 Indigenous Engagement

Proponent will engage with Indigenous communities to explore partnership opportunities with other businesses.

Project will have active engagement with Indigenous suppliers, contractors and businesses that employ local Indigenous workers.

Contractor must report on a 6 monthly basis on engagement activities and the number of hours of Indigenous people employed.


NAIF’s media release regarding Onslow can be found here: https://naif.gov.au/media-releases/western-australia-signs-for-onslow-investment/

A Case Study factsheet on Onslow can be viewed  here: Onslow factsheet

Economic Impact and Public Benefit

  • Multi-user facility provides chandlering, heavy lift capabilities, reverse logistics, refuelling, transport, freight and emergency services to support onshore and offshore industries in middle and southern Carnarvon Basin.
  • Forecast $100m benefit over 10 year period for State and 45% increase in local gross regional product (over 2011 census). Flow-on economic benefits to the wider Onslow and Ashburton community.
  • Employment estimated at over 60 jobs during construction and more than 150 during operation.
  • Provides both significant productivity, time and fuel savings, lowering costs for local operators and less risk in operations.
  • Will see the capture of services that might otherwise go overseas.