Road Projects

Road Projects

Investment challenge:

  • Northern Australian roads are often not ‘all weather’ and have constraints e.g. bridges which limit vehicle weight or size or go through urban areas
  • Risks unique to north, for example: distance, remoteness, climate and limited population, impact the viability of remote road projects for private sector investors
  • Not all roads are suitable for user pays

NAIF’s value:

  • NAIF is working with industry, investors, debt providers and government to structure potential funding solutions to finance the upgrade of critical remote road infrastructure. NAIF is investigating innovative solutions for partnering and user pay arrangements with heavy (business) road users who value and are prepared to pay for the significant benefits of reliable road infrastructure
  • NAIF’s ability to take a different approach to infrastructure funding may incentivize investment and catalyse the development of transformational projects

Public benefit :

  • New or upgraded roads can benefit all users, business, private and local communities
  • Roads will improve speed to market, maintenance costs, health and safety, and enhance business productivity and profitability
  • Will facilitate growth in exports