Ministerial Statements

Ministerial Statements

All of NAIF’s activities are focused on fulfilling its purpose and vision to transform northern Australia by accelerating the financing of infrastructure development that generates:

  • public benefit being broad based and ensuring benefits beyond those able to be captured by project proponents;
  • longer-term growth in the economy and population of northern Australia;
  • potential to encourage private sector participation in the financing of northern Australia’s infrastructure needs; and
  • sustainable Indigenous participation, procurement and employment.

Statement of Expectations and Statement of Intent

The Minister for Resources and Northern Australia has provided NAIF with a Statement of Expectations.

The Statement of Expectations outlines in a formal and public way the Minister’s expectations on the operation and performance of the NAIF, beyond that considered by the legislative framework.

The NAIF Chair has provided the Minister with a Statement of Intent outlining how NAIF will direct its operations to meet the Minister’s and Government’s expectations.