Arnhem Land Progress Aboriginal Corporation (ALPA) (NAIF loan not proceeding)

NAIF Loan: Up to $13.5m. Investment Decision: June 2021.

About the Project

As the largest Independent Aboriginal Corporation in Australia, ALPA leads the way in remote retailing, community service program delivery, enterprise, economic development and corporate services.

NAIF’s loan to ALPA is to redevelop a food storage and warehouse facility in Alice Springs. The facility services over 100 local stores covering an area of 1.4 million square kilometres.

The project will improve food security for remote and regional Indigenous communities in Central Australia, help meet future demands around food distribution and ensure fresh food and essential goods will in the future be closer to the communities that need them.

The loan was the first provided by NAIF directly to an Indigenous Corporation.


Note: *This project will not proceed to financial close. NAIF’s publicly reported data included on this website does not include this transaction. This case study is published to illustrate NAIF’s support for projects.

Economic Impact

The NAIF financial assistance will support 60 new jobs during construction and 20 roles during operations.

Indigenous Engagement

The loan was the first provided by NAIF directly to an Indigenous Corporation. This project will provide positive benefits for residents of Alice Springs and remote Indigenous communities across Central Australia by supporting food security and improving fresh food distribution.

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