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NT Local Jobs Funds (Territory Infrastructure Loans )

New loan program aims to expand infrastructure and improve economic outcomes across Northern Territory. NAIF Loan: Up to $50m. Investment Decision: September 2021

About the Project

We have partnered with Northern Territory Government, through the NT Local Jobs Fund to establish the new Territory Infrastructure Loans program.

Program Overview

The Territory Infrastructure Loans program is a partnership between organisations and the Northern Territory Government, established through the NT Local Jobs Fund.

The program has a total budget of $66.7 million, aimed at supporting the development and expansion of enabling infrastructure, employment, and economic growth in the Northern Territory.

The loans provided through this program will also focus on improving outcomes for Aboriginal Territorians.

Loan Details

The program offers loans to businesses looking to accelerate the delivery of smaller infrastructure-led projects across the Northern Territory.

The loan amount may be up to $10 million, subject to meeting specific conditions. There is no minimum amount. Individual loans may have a duration of up to 10 years.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Territory Infrastructure Loans program, businesses must meet the following criteria:

  • Have an infrastructure-led project located in the Northern Territory.
  • Demonstrate high growth potential and job creation opportunities.
  • Possess sound governance, management, and operating systems.
  • Be registered for corporate and tax purposes in Australia.

Application Requirements

Applications for the program must include the following:

  • A robust business case outlining the details of the infrastructure project.
  • A financial model that demonstrates the viability of the project.
  • Financial statements that provide an overview of the business’s financial position.


  • The fund does not provide support for the following:
  • Working capital or business-as-usual capital requirements.
  • Refinancing of existing debt.
  • Payment of taxes or fines.
  • Payment of dividends to shareholders.
  • Property development for on-sale or on-leasing.

Please note that eligibility criteria are subject to change, so it’s important to stay updated on any revisions or modifications to the program’s requirements. Find out more or apply.

Economic Impact

The investment from NAIF will provide eligible businesses in the NT access to loans of up to $5 million through the Northern Territory’s Local Jobs Fund boosting local jobs and accelerating infrastructure and business growth.

The partnership between NAIF and the NTLJF will broaden the reach of NAIF and make financing more accessible to eligible businesses.

Examples of businesses that may wish to take advantage of the scheme include growing Northern Territory sectors such as agribusiness, tourism, resources and manufacturing.

The project is NAIF’s first on-lending project.

The $66.7m Program ($50m from NAIF, $16.6m from the NT) is estimated to support approximately $110.1m in Gross Territory Product and 532 full time equivalent (FTE) jobs in the Northern Territory.

Indigenous Engagement

The Proponent’s IES meets the IES Mandatory Criterion under the NAIF Investment Mandate, with outcomes across Indigenous participation, procurement and employment appropriate to the nature of the partnership program being delivered through the NT Local Jobs Fund.

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