The northern agenda is harnessing all the region’s strengths and considers Indigenous Australians at the forefront.

A closeup shot of workers in worksite helmets and visibility jackets

The development of partnerships is key to achieving NAIF’s mission to be an innovative financing partner in the growth of northern Australia.

NAIF is exploring and building partnerships with like-minded government agencies, private sector and not-for-profit partners.

Our vision to drive transformational growth for northern Australia relies on harnessing the collective efforts of all who share in this vision, acknowledging the different capacities, knowledge and expertise that partners can bring together to deliver this reality.

Our Memorandum of Understanding with the National Indigenous Australians Agency, Indigenous Business Australia and the Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation provides a firm foundation to improve coordination and information sharing generating economic opportunity for Indigenous Australians.

The MOU identifies four areas of cooperation:

  1. Identification and cross-referral of potential projects and investment opportunities;
  2. Engagement with stakeholders;
  3. Sharing ideas on relevant programs and NAIF Indigenous engagement strategies; and
  4. Assessing the feasibility of the establishment of financing models and partnerships to facilitate the funding of Indigenous projects.

The MOU will help facilitate better economic infrastructure for Indigenous Australians by leveraging ILSC and IBA investments and activities.

It will also support proactive engagement between NAIF and the NIAA to drive broader Indigenous economic development objectives, including maximising business and employment outcomes from NAIF Indigenous Engagement Strategies.

By working together each organisation will make a bigger contribution to unlocking the economic potential of Indigenous Australians across the north.