Indigenous Resources

Listed below are a number of websites that may be a useful starting point to assist in developing an Indigenous Engagement Strategy.

Sheffield Resources Indigenous worker

Proponents developing an Indigenous Engagement Strategy (IES) can access the NAIF IES Guideline.opens PDF file

Native Title and Indigenous Land Use Agreements (ILUA’s)

Native title is the recognition by Australian law of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s traditional rights and interests in land and waters held under traditional law and custom.

View general information Native Title in Northern Australia

The National Native Title Tribunal has information to assist various parties with native title applications and Indigenous land use agreements (ILUAs).

View contact details and office locations

An ILUA is a voluntary agreement between a native title group and others about the use of land and waters.

Fact sheets and information about Indigenous Land Use Agreements are available here.

Engagement with Indigenous Australians – Guides and Publications

Department of Environment – Engage Earlyopens PDF file .

Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Partnerships – Protocols for Consultation

Austrade – Engagement in Northern TerritoryQueensland , Western Australia 

Austrade – Engaging with Traditional Owners 

Austrade – Useful terms and definitions 

Cultural competency

United Nations – Declarations on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet – Culture and Capability

Reconciliation Australia – Share our Pride

SBS – Cultural Competence Program 


Commonwealth Indigenous Procurement Policy opens PDF file

Industry Capability Network (ICN) is a business network that introduces Australian and New Zealand companies to projects large and small. ICN is an independent organisation financially supported by Australian, New Zealand, state and territory governments.

Supply Nation connects their membership of Australia’s leading brands and government with Indigenous businesses across the country.

Northern Territory

 NT Indigenous Business Network – is a group of Indigenous businesses working together to create more opportunity and a greater potential for Indigenous business in the Northern Territory.

Office of Aboriginal Affairs

Western Australia

 Aboriginal Business Directory – This directory provides Aboriginal businesses in Western Australia with an opportunity to promote their products and services to potential buyers from government and private organisations.

Aboriginal Procurement Policy 

Aboriginal Affairs


 Black Business Finder is a resource for major project owners to source Indigenous businesses to get involved in providing goods and services for major projects throughout Queensland.

Indigenous Procurement Policy

Employment and Participation

Commonwealth Remote Employment – The Community Development Program 

Northern Territory – Indigenous Participation on Construction Projects 

Queensland – Government Building and Construction Training Policy

Reconciliation Action Plans

The Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) program provides a framework for organisations to support the national reconciliation movement.

Reconciliation Australia 



Commonwealth Resources

The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet has Commonwealth (PMC) responsibility for Indigenous Affairs. The PMC website  and has a number of resources in relation to engagement, employment, procurement

Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet – Indigenous Affairs Regional Network 

Commonwealth Indigenous Procurement Policy 

Department of Energy and Environment – Indigenous Protected Areas 

State and Territory Resources

The following links are to the State and Territory departments responsible for Indigenous matters.

Northern Territory

Northern Territory Government – Office of Aboriginal Affairs

Western Australia

Department of Planning, Land and Heritage, Cultural Heritage 


Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships, Cultural Heritage