Quarterly Snapshot Q3 2023-24

  • 26 Apr 2024
  • Quarterly Snapshots

The NAIF’s Q3 2023-24 snapshot showcases $200M investment in the Arafura Nolans Bore Rare Earths Project, pushing committed loans beyond $4B. Public Benefit stands at $31.9B, with 15,600+ jobs created. Detailed data on sectors, locations, and indigenous engagement included.

Arafura Nolans Bore Rare Earths Project view from a drone including construction site mountains sky and equipment

Detailed data on sectoral support, project locations, and indigenous engagement outcomes illustrate the breadth and depth of NAIF's contributions to regional prosperity. The snapshot provides an insightful update on the project pipeline, offering a state-by-state breakdown and status overview, reaffirming NAIF's pivotal role in driving sustainable growth and opportunity across northern Australia.

Download the NAIF Q3 2023-24 Snapshot

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