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Indigenous Engagement Strategy Reporting

When making Investment Decisions, the NAIF Board must be satisfied that the proponent has met all mandatory eligibility criteria, including the Indigenous Engagement Strategy criterion.

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A well-crafted Indigenous Engagement Strategy is characterised by the provision of appropriate opportunities for Indigenous participation, procurement, and employment. 

It should be tailored to the specific Indigenous communities in the region, considering the project's scale, location, nature, as well as the proponent's existing operations and capacity. This ensures a seamless integration of Indigenous opportunities throughout the project's planning and execution phases.

Integral to the success of the strategy is the inclusion of Indigenous voices in the investment process. It should acknowledge and respect the unique perspectives of Indigenous communities, demonstrating a genuine commitment to fostering collaboration and understanding.

Our Indigenous Engagement Strategy Guideline serves as a practical resource for project proponents, offering guidance to develop a robust approach. NAIF assesses the strategy, details ongoing reporting requirements, and provides detailed information on the Indigenous Engagement Strategy clause, which includes performance incentives.


As part of our mandate, proponents are required to regularly update NAIF of the ongoing progress of their Indigenous Engagement Strategy. These updates are essential for providing detailed insights into the achievements against the predetermined objectives outlined in the Strategy including the local employment and procurement frameworks. The updates comprehensively cover aspects such as participation, procurement, training, and employment outcomes.

Scheduled at six-month intervals during the construction phase and annually throughout the operational phase, these updates continue for the entire duration of the loan. Through this reporting NAIF ensures a thorough understanding of the effectiveness of the Indigenous Engagement Strategy.

This reporting mechanism serves a crucial role in supplying NAIF with the necessary data and information to assess the overall impact of its investments. This includes evaluating the economic, and social outcomes of funded projects.

Further information on NAIF projects is available at Our Projects.

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